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This is not my first blog, but hopefully my last. My first attempt at blogging has been a huge disappointment, I was so obsessed with numbers and monetizing that I lost focus, there was no substance to it and I am letting it go. I want to blog about things that I sincerely care about, whether I have 1 reader or a 10,000; what fun is blogging if you have no interest or knowledge of what you are writing about? Blogging should be fun, if I have something to share, it should be something that has meaning to me, that can help someone, that just might mean something to someone else.
I live in a small town in Kentucky, sandwiched between the 3 cities of Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati Ohio. It’s a nice place to live, everyone knows everyone; a place where your biggest traffic jam is usually caused by the local farmer driving his tractor full of hay on the road and most attend the little white country church on Sunday morning. Not a lot of big news happen around here, I should be so thankful, usually big news means bad news. Most of our big happenings around are heard at the local eateries, most often by the gathering of farmers in a corner table while they sip their coffee or by the town’s women while they sit around the hair shop.
I’ve only lived in 3 states my whole life, I say ONLY like its odd; most people stay within the confounds of where they grew up; but I was actually born in Indiana. I moved to Kentucky when I was 2 and we’ve stayed ever since, except for 3 years I lived in Washington State where my husband was stationed while enlisted in the Army.
I met my husband in 1994 at age 17 while working with one of his friends at a local fast food restaurant. We dated for what seemed like at the time forever, but actually it was 4 years-I was a young bride at 21 by today’s standards.
We have 4 beautiful children, Sarah is 11 and just started Middle School, Kaitlyn and Brooke are 6, and my son Ryan is 5. I always wanted a lot of children, I never was sure I would be able to have one. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as, PCOS which causes a great deal of hormonal problems for women, but most disappointing to me was the chance of infertility. It was a problem in my life, that I dealt with, and in the end by the good grace of our Lord, I was able to conceive 4 times, sadly one ended in a miscarriage.
I love my children, and its often sad to see them growing up, knowing they will one day go out into the world on their ownl I can only hope I will raise them good enough to handle those tough decisions that will inevitably come their way.

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