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Winner of Uglee Pens.......

The winner of the Uglee Pen giveaway, chosen from, is comment #121:

I learned that The UGLee Pen only weights 11 grams! #4

I will be sending an email to Jessica also telling her of her win and requesting shipping information.
Congrats to Jessica and thanks to all who entered. Keep an eye out for more giveaways to come soon!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veteran's Day Tribute

I've always been patriotic; I guess it really started around 1990 when the first Gulf War started. I remember being 13, sitting in front of the TV with my family the night Baghdad was bombed and being scared to death. I had never lived through a war at the time; like many my age at the time, we were sure they were going to attack us right back.

Over time, I discovered a love for the American Soldier; a respect for what they were doing to protect our country, our freedoms, our way of life. Even today, I'm still amazed at the fact there are men and women who are willing to face death, risk losing limbs, becoming disfigured, in an unknown country. I can honestly say, I don't have the guts to do that; but, I am so honored to know people who do.

I'm fortunate to have met many veterans during my life; from WW2 to the present day wars. I get so emotional when I hear all the heroic tales, funny stories, and the many not so funny stories they wish they could forget.

 I have posted pictures of a very special veteran who has held my heart for 17 years. My husband enlisted in the United States Army two months after 9/11; he wanted to help his country and avenge the deaths of those 3000 people we watched needlessly perish that day 10 years ago. I can tell you, his decision shocked me; we were a young married couple with a 2 year old daughter and Shawn wasn't exactly the best worker (he would tell you the same thing now).  I know he wouldn't mind me telling you this, but, he was quite lazy and immature; he couldn't hold a job for anything. When he enlisted though, he changed; he worked his butt off to get in shape, he ran miles during basic training in pain and dry heaving, but never gave up.

I was not the most optimistic wife, I'm ashamed to say; I really didn't think he had it in him to last 4 months of basic. The first two pictures below, are of Shawn the day he graduated; he proved me wrong, and I'm so glad he did.

When we saw him for the first time after four months, he amazed me; so mature and polished, and the uniform was, shall I say, a nice little added touch for me :)  He was a real man and was so very proud of him. 

We were stationed at Ft.Lewis in Washington State with the 1/5 Infantry Division C Co.

Living in a small city of soldiers, I saw the brightest and the best and Shawn never disappointed me. He continued working hard, receiving several medals for his service, and working up in rank.

In 2004, he was deployed to Iraq for a year long tour; I was 4 months pregnant with our twin daughters. Deployments are hard on our soldiers, and I don't say that lightly. He worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day; he wrote or called when he could. Letters were filled with loneliness and calls were filled with exhaustion; everyday for him was filled with the fact that it could be his last. He knew that while we were eating Thanksgiving dinner, opening Christmas presents, and celebrating the birth of our daughters; he was sitting in a guard shack with one other soldier keeping the enemy from the base. This base in Mosul was attacked daily by mortars; could you imagine going to bed every night for a year to bombs going off all around you-It's loud and it shakes everything hard within miles of it. One day, 10 minutes after he left the mess hall, right before Christmas, an Iraqi suicide bomber dressed in US BDU's, blew himself up inside this mess hall, killing 24 other soldiers. Shawn had to help place those killed in the blast into body bags; one of which was a close friend. Everything about this deployment took its toll on him, physically and mentally; I'm not going to tell you he didn't complain, because he did-ALOT! I don't blame him though; there is nothing fun or easy about what he did or any other soldier has ever done. Its grueling work, whether its wartime or in more peaceful times. Shawn mentioned going to bed every night wondering if our 5 year old would remember him when he came home, whether I got used to him being gone or tired of living this kind of life, whether anyone really cared what he was doing there; those thoughts would eat him up and are sad for me to even think of.

 This job not only affects the soldier, but their families; there is a lot of time spent apart, a lot of time listening and attempting to comfort each other, a lot of worrying and struggles. Truthfully, after being a mother, the hardest job I've ever had was when I was a military wife; I'm trying to remain humble here, but it definitely takes a special person to be the spouse of a soldier. I never felt special, just honored; it didn't bother me that he wasn't home for our anniversary 3 years in a row, or my birthday; I sort of felt like this was my little way of serving this country.  I watched many wives that just couldn't handle it and headed back to their hometowns or found someone new; however, on the other hand, many wives and husbands stood strong and were their spouses biggest supporters.

My husband was honorably discharged a few years ago; and he has taken the work ethics he learned in the military and carried them over into civilian life. He is a hard worker, a great father, and an even better husband and friend. It was difficult when he returned back home, I would imagine for all veterans its hard to fall back into the fray and just become forgotten.

I honor my husband, and I honor all veterans past and present who have bravely fought for this country. The pay is horrible, the hours are long, and the job is dangerous; but you've faced it courageously and with dignity. To those who lost their lives, may you forever rest in peace and never ever be forgotten!
God Bless each one of you and God Bless America.

(this is our daughter Sarah and the twins are in the strollers below at the Welcome Home Ceremony 2005)

Veteran Ceremony at our children's school (2010), Shawn's the big guy in the middle row

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New Review : The Slice™ Safety Cutter - Great For Couponers!

If you have ever read any of my previous reviews, you  know that I give my honest opinions of those products; I either love them or hate them, and will tell you so. The Slice Safety Cutter is one of those products that I LOVE!!!

I'm not much of a couponer, but I do occasionally find a few that I will put to use. The Slice Safety Cutter may change that for me; this is by far one of the best slicers I have ever used.
When I first opened the package I thought I had a faulty product, I couldn't find any semblance of a blade except a tiny microscopic blip at the tip. I thought, well maybe that is it; so I got a piece of paper and sure enough, it quickly cut right though. I feel in love; and began thinking of all the possibilities of use for this product.
If you are a couponer, you will never want to use scissors again after trying out The Slice. It cuts out coupons in the fraction of a time that it takes using scissors; this is also great if you have kids and don't want scissors accidently get picked up by one of them. As I mentioned before, the blade is so small you won't have to worry about getting cut or pricked; but, just big enough to cut through paper, pictures, or plastic wrap (on CD's and DVD's)
The Slice Safety cutter is great for Scrapbooking, news articles, coupons, art projects, plastic packages. It even includes a hole for you to place it on your key ring and a magnet if you prefer to store it on your fridge or metal cabinet.
Other Features 
-Easy to carry in your purse so you can easily cut coupons at the store
- Ceramic blade lasts longer than steel
- Stays sharp and never rusts
- Built-in magnet and key-ring hole
- Finger-Friendly™ Design
- For left- and right-handers
I think you will love this little gadget and hope you will check it out at their webiste:

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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The Great UGLee Pen! Review and Giveaway

The UGLee Pen is a revolutionary ergonomic pen that is designed, created and used by a real physician. This Doctor-inspired grip pen is redefining the way people view pens and writing.
The UGLee Pen is good for everyone who writes (even just a grocery list), and is especially helpful to people who experience pain and discomfort when writing, for example those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.,. It's also the best writing utensil  for children who are learning to write and are developing fine motor skills, as well as helpful for special-needs children who find holding a pen or pencil properly difficult. And for high-school and college students who have to take copious notes, this pen helps keep hands and fingers from cramping.

I recieved 3 Uglee Pens for reviewing and giving my honest opinion about this product. They're certainly different in other pens in look and feel. The pens I recived were dark green and kind of resembled a grenade; I thought that was cute, but also a little strange. I have used Uglee pens over the past 3 weeks and honestly, I'm not impressed.  They are more comfortable with a cushy grip; however, this grip is so cushy that it moves your fingers slightly when writing, making it a little difficult to control the tempo of your writing. So. even though its softer to write, I thought it was more difficult to write. It also claimed that the writing would be smoother, but, I did not feel that it did. In my opinion, Uglee pens write like any other cheap pen on the market.

So, in conclusion, it's not a terrible product; those with the ailments listed above may feel more comfort using Uglee pen, but if you don't, you may not like them.

If you would like to check out the product for yourself, you can find them at

I am offering one reader a chance to win a set of Uglee Pens to try out for themselves.

All you have to do is:
*Go to ugleepen's website and tell me one thing you learned about the Uglee Pen (worth 4 entries)
Leave a comment about anything you want, as long as its family friendly (2 entries)

Extra Entries
* Follow on Twitter @ugleepen (worth 2 entries)
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*vote for this blog "On the Fence" at right sidebar (1 entry)
*blog or place this giveaway linky in another blog (5 entries)

Please leave seperate comments for each entry, as well as, an email address in your comment where you can be contacted if you win.

Contest ends 11/13/11 at 11:59 pm EST,  US only.
-I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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New Review and Giveaway-Prefense Non-Alcohol Hand Santizer lasts 24 hours!

   Congrats comment #33-Lisa, she is the winner of this giveaway! Thanks for all who entered! More giveaways coming up, hope you will check them out.

 I had the privilege of reviewing Prefense Non-Alcohol sanitizer recently and now I'm offering one lucky reader the chance to win this great product also.

    I have 4 kids, as well as, work as a substitute teacher; needless to say, sanitizer has become a way of life for me. I usually keep a small bottle in my purse and in my bathroom at home as a way of keeping germs at bay; with kids it seems they catch everything going around, so one can never be to safe.
    I'm sure most of you are familiar with the typical hand santizer....runny, stong smelling, and leaving your hands feeling dry. No matter what brand you purchase, its all the same; or at least that's what I thought. I recently received a bottle of Prefense Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer for reviewing and was pleasantly surprised to find that this product has broken the rules when it comes to the typical hand sanitizer we are all used to.

     How many of you of have poured out too much hand sanitizer during use? I know I have plenty of times, especially, my children. Prefense Hand Sanitizer is different though, it has a push button on top that gives out just the right amount; and not the runny, watery stuff, but, foamy, so that is doesn't run off the side of your hands.
     Because Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer uses all natural ingredients and is non-toxic, you never need to worry about your child accidentally ingesting a product full of alcohol...Prefense Hand Sanitizer contains absolutely NO Alcohol! This also means, no strong scent; this part was a big plus for scent.
    Also, because it is Silica based, unlike traditional hand sanitizers, it won't dry out your hands; I felt this difference almost immediately, my hands did feel softer and smoother.

    I wish I could say at least one thing I feel should be changed about the product, but, I honestly cannot thing of any. I truthfully liked everything about this product, and if I didn't I would be the first to tell you.

   Some other things you should know about Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer is:
 -It has the technology to protect you for 24 hours or 10 hand washings!
-Prefense protects against staph, strep, E.coli, drug resistant MRSA strains, and more. They fight germs that other hand sanitizers can’t.
 -Because “one spray lasts all day” 1.5 oz Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer offers 120 applications, costing only $.08 per day, compared to $1.20 per day with alcohol hand sanitizers.

     I think this is a win-win, and should be the way all hand sanitizers are made. Again, I would not so strongly recommend this product if I felt it wasn't something I thought you should try for yourself. So, if you would like to buy Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer, you can purchase Prefense products directly from their website:: at a great price compared to other retailers. Or you can purchase Prefense on Amazon at this link --> This is a nice option for those who use Amazon perks like "Free Super Saver Shipping" or "Amazon Prime."

 As of August 2nd they have put their NEW and FIRST EVER combo pack in their store at the Prefense website! The combo pack includes a container of hand wipes and a 1.5oz bottle all for just $7.99! Considering both of those items are $6.99 each, this combo pack is 'buy one, get one for a buck' pricing! This is their lowest pricing ever on Prefense and is available exclusively in at their website store!

So now to the good part.....I am hosting a giving for for (1) big 8oz Prefense Hand Sanitizer bottle which offers 640 applications! -- with one spray lasting all day, that one bottle of Prefense could potentially last one user almost 2 years!
 The giveaway is open to U.S Residents only. The winning bottle of Prefense will be shipped directly to the winner.

To Enter:
Leave a comment below this post, it can be about anything as long as its not spam, mean, or contains bad language.

Extra Entries:
Follow Prefense on Facebook (worth 2 entries, so leave 2 comments)
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Add this giveaway to a linky or blog about it, leaving URL in comment for me to check(worth 10 entries, leave separate 10 comments)

Giveaway ends 11/6 at 11:59 P.M. EST
Good Luck and Thanks for entering!

(Be sure to leave an email address in your comments so that I have no problem getting in touch with you should you win)

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Extraordinarily Mom's $25 Gift Card {Giveaway}

The Holidays are fast approaching, and I wanted my first blog giveaway here at Extraordinarily Mom to be a little something to help celebrate. I am giving away to one lucky person, your choice of either a $25 Walmart Giftcard or a $25 Amazon Giftcard.

The giveaway will end October 31 at 12:01 E.S.T. The winner will be contacted and will have 48 hours to repond or a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks for entering and Good Luck!

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How to Win Blog Giveaways

 I love entering sweepstakes, I love the thrill of the possibilities of winning some great prize. The only downside to national sweeping is the boredom I would feel of entering the same sweepstakes week after week.. I discovered that blog giveaways are so much easier to win without the need to enter the same information week after week. I have won so many great prizes, many that I have put up to give out as Christmas presents this year which will save me a great deal of expense on gifts. At my peak, I would win anywhere from 5-12 giveaways a week; some were small items, some were really great like gift cards or toys. Since starting this blog and a new semester of school, I don't have as much time to enter giveaways, however, I still manage 1 or 2 wins a week. I will share with you how to enter and win blog giveaways:

Look for low entry giveaways. This may seem like a no brainer, however, it goes without say that the lower the number of entries, the better the chances you have of winning. If I find a giveaway with more than 300 entries, I will do a search of that item; for example "heart for hearts girls giveaway" to see if another blog has the same giveaway with lower entries. I usually find 2-3 giveaways offering the same prize with much less entries. I still enter the contest with higher entries, but will focus more attention on the ones with better odds. You never know, you may win both giveaways, which has happened to me, and end up with 2 prizes.
    I rarely use google for a search of this kind, I prefer because it will track only blogs and blog trends. If you want a list of low entry giveaways, check out; which has low entry giveaways ending within a day up to 2 weeks.

Follow the Rules. Make sure you read everything! I can't stress this enough. When I first started, I made many mistakes because I did not read everything.One common mistake is skipping the mandatory entry. I haven't entered one blog giveaway that did not have a mandatory entry; the mandatory entry is usually listed separately from the extra entries, so it can be easy to gloss over it. The host, will check to see that you have completed the mandatory entry; no matter how many times you faithfully tweeted or liked a facebook page, if you didn't do the mandatory entry you will be disqualified.
Also, some blogs require you to come back to their site to see if you are the winner; there will be no email announcing you as the winner, so make sure you see if this is disclosed.

Leave you email addy. Rafflecopter asks for email address with each entry, however, giveaways that require comments only, don't always record your email address. Even if the giveaway does not ask for your email address, I would leave it anyway; I want to make sure that if I were to win, the host has no problem getting in touch with me. Many will write out the complete email address, such as "myemailaddress  (at) yahoo (dot) com" to prevent spam bots from getting your email address.

Take advantage of extra entries. I cant stress this enough, if you want to win, take advantage of the extra entries. Extra entries usually entail the use of social media;so please sign up for twitter and facebook accounts. Would you rather have 1 entry or 10? I actually entered a giveaway the other day, in which 25 of the 43 entries were mine; why? because I took advantage of every entry provided. I may not win, but the odds are certainly in my favor.
   Another great way to earn extra entries is by having your own blog.  It's free and really simple to do; set up an account through blogger or wordpress, write a post about the giveaway and provide a link to it and voila! I've seen host giveaway anywhere from 5-20 extra entries for doing so. Many will also give a few extra entries for grabbing their button to paste to your sidewall.  In your post, just provide the basic details of the giveaway, such as the prize, the host, and the link to the giveaway page.

Don't let anyone tell you that you should enter in the middle of the contest or later to better your chances of winning. I've entered early and won, I've entered in the middle and won, and I've entered later and won; its all random.

Remember, no matter how many people have already entered, if its something you want, go for it. You definitely won't win if you don't enter. By following the rules, taking advantage of as many entries as possible, and leaving your contact information; you should win

Good Luck!

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Marvel presents a New Generation of SuperHeroes

Hold on to your capes for a breakfast of heroic proportions!

Big G cereals and DC Comics  have combined powers in their dedicated efforts to promote reading among children. They have enlisted the help of the Justice League, from Batman to Wonder Woman to Green Lantern, and they are coming right to your breakfast table! Available now, specially marked Big G cereal boxes feature action packed, collectable Justice League comic books.
Want more action adventure? Each comic contains a link to for continuations of each story, not to mention a cut-out DC Super Hero mask on the back of the box perfect for helping the Justice League fight crime at breakfast time!

This information was provided by DC Comics and General Mills through MyBlogSpark

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Life After a Miscarriage

October 23rd would have been the 7th birthday of my second child, assuming he or she would have been born on their due date. It seems crazy to others that I can still remember dates that pertained to a child that I never saw, never held, never felt, but I still do.

Life after a miscarriage, does go on; but, those days, and weeks, and months following are very hard. I had no problems conceiving my first child, even with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, we tried for only four months and had a very easy pregnancy. When my daughter was 3, we decided to try again; we were financially in a better place, my husband was in the Army and had great insurance, so we felt the time was right. After a year of trying, I knew it wasn't going to happen without medical intervention because my periods were almost non-existent. I was put on Provera to induce my period and Clomid to release an egg; to my surprise it worked the very first round.

I was shocked, I'm a bit of a pessimist so I didn't really expect the medication to work as well as it did for me, let alone the first round. Somewhere, deep inside of me, however, did not feel right; and even though I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks that showed a growing baby with a strong heartbeat, I couldn't shake the feeling something wasn't right. My husband had been in the "field" training throughout most of my pregnancy, so he wasn't home for weeks. At 11 weeks, I went to pick him up at the barracks and excitedly showed him the ultrasound pics of our little peanut as soon as we walked through the door. I went to the bathroom, not 5 minutes after we got home and noticed a small amount of blood. I didn't freak out, I convinced myself it was just a normal part of pregnancy and everything would be just fine. I told my husband that we needed to go to the ER just to make sure and to ease my mind.  After, many hours of waiting in the ER of Madigan Army Medical Center, I finally had blood drawn and waited, and waited, and waited. When the doctor came back he told me he thought everything was just fine, to my relief, but then he told me what my HCG numbers were, they were less than the last time they had been checked nearly 3 weeks before. I knew that was not good, but the doctor kept telling me not to worry about it, it was perfectly normal; I knew enough about HCG numbers to know that was not good. They couldn't find a heartbeat, the number were down, I knew it was over, and yet this doctor kept trying to reassure me its fine; they didn't offer to do an ultrasound, just told me to see my OBGYN in the morning.  I walked out of the hospital trying to hold in my tears, barely making it to the car where my husband and daughter were waiting. It was 1:00 a.m. my husband was tired and cranky and I just didn't have it in me to break down on him, especially when he hadn't been home in weeks.
After he and my daughter  finally got to go to bed, I walked into the bathroom, shut the door and completely fell apart. My heart hurt, it ached so bad, I had never felt so empty and so alone in my life. I sat in their for over an hour, even when I couldn't shed another tear from my heavy eyes, and questioned why me.  I made my appointment to see the OB that next morning and walking in all I could notice were the 20 or so baby bumps. I looked at each one of those women and wondered if they knew just how lucky they were. I was so mad at them, I didn't know any one of them, but I really disliked them. I looked away, and grabbed my husbands hand, meanwhile the lump in my throat was growing larger. I could feel my eyes swelling and watering, I so badly didn't want those pregnant women to see me cry, but I did. I didn't just cry, I just burst out and my head fell into my husbands lap. I kept my face covered until the nurse called for me, and once I was in the exam room I was able to compose myself. The nurse and the doctor were so compassionate which helped, nothing was sugarcoated during the ultrasound, just a simple "I'm sorry, its not good".  I got to look at the screen, it was just stillness, no heartbeat, no movement, just stillness. The doctor and nurse were wonderful, they sat with me and answered every question I had, offered to listen to me as long as they needed me to. To this day, I haven't forgotten how supportive and considerate they were; it was a horrible situation, but they made it at least somewhat easier. Later that night, while having dinner at a restaurant, I went to the restroom and well I will spare you the details; at least it was a nice restroom, we were going to go to Hooters but it was packed, could you imagine that. I stood there in the stall, the lighting was dark so I didn't really see anything; I felt sick because I thought this baby deserved better than being flushed down. How do you do that? That's part of you and your husband, I had loved it for 11 weeks, I had all these hopes and dreams for this baby and its ultimate demise was to be flushed away.

I found the greatest comfort in talking about it with others; I was surprised to find a vast number of women that I knew who had experience a miscarriage and they were so willing to share their story with me. Talking about it made it real for me, they knew how I felt, they understood the hurt and pain I was going through. To talk to people who understood, made me feel like it wasn't my fault and it will get easier. I spent so much of my time not wanting to forget, I didn't want my baby to be just a blip of my life, it was precious and real and I wasn't going to make it all for naught.
I wanted to try again, I felt guilty in a way, but, I wanted a baby. I planted a flower beside my home, as a tribute to my baby, I remember walking outside one day and "talked to this flower". I felt peace, and I told it how much I loved it, it would never be replaced in my heart, and I hope its waiting for me in heaven because it's the first person I want to meet when I get there. Maybe it sounds strange doing that, but I felt ready then to move on and try again.
I guess its true, you never forget and will remember them long after it happens. Here I am over 7 years later, still thinking about the baby I lost. I had 3 babies afterwards (twin daughters and then a son), all perfect pregnancies; I still wondered if it would happen again and both pregnancies following, prepared myself for another miscarriage.
Life does go on afterwards, but for me, I never forgot. The pain and heartache eases with time, but from what I understand that ease with time is different for everyone. My only advice is to talk with those who understand, find a friend or even the numerous online groups for miscarriages. Also, do something nice for yourself; get your hair done or a facial, get out with your significant other for a nice time. It won't ease any pain, but it will help you relax and its very important for your mental health to take a little time to de-stress. I went and had my hair cut and styled differently and it helped me, because for a brief moment I thought about something else that wasn't baby related.
One last thing, you will notice every baby and pregnant woman; it will seem like every time you go out you will see 100 pregnant women. I can't say to ignore it, but, try to see that as hopeful; women are still getting pregnant, so you will too one day when you are ready. It was hard to remind myself of that; but I had to take the anger I seen for these baby bumps and see it as a positive that they don't all end in a miscarriage. Who knows, they could have had huge infertility problems or miscarriages themselves.
I don't know how much this story or advice helps, but it is something I went through and I have always felt its important to talk with others going through this.

Friday, October 14, 2011

You Know Your Life Is A Soap Opera When.....

I've been an avid soap watcher since I  was little. So, I thought I would do something lighthearted that you may enjoy whether you are a soap fan or not.

You know your life is a soap opera when:
  •  You're being held captive, but no one realizes you are gone because your evil twin has taken over your life.
  • That baby bump you are sporting is actually a pillow you are using to trap your best friends husband
  • Although you have been in a coma for weeks, the hospital staff makes sure your hair and makeup are as perfect as when you came in.
  • You never a shower, especially after sex.
  • You can have sex with your body wrapped in a satin sheet.
  • If you have a secret you can guarantee everyone else knows about and at least one of them is blackmailing you over it.
  • The new rebellious teenager that just came to town is more than likely a child that you never remember giving birth to,
  • You only hang out in hospitals, police stations, cemeteries and one restaurant. The restaurant is usually the nicest, fanciest establishment in town
  • When finishing a conversation, you blankly stare for several seconds with an amused look on your face.
  • No matter how secure your home is, gates, guards etc... people can always find a way to walk right into your home.
  • Your most hated enemy always seems to hear you talking to yourself about something you don't want get out.
  • Your first 3 weddings never happened and ended with a secret coming out, someone being arrested, or a disaster such as a tornado or a shooting.
  • Your lover dies and you have grief sex with his best friend or brother, you later find out your lover is alive, but oops, you're pregnant.
  • You've needed a DNA test for each of your children, all of the test were tampered with.
  • You've been shot, pushed from a high rise building, fell of a cliff, had numerous car accidents, found yourself in the middle of an explosion and lived to see another day.
  • The cops in your town never arrest the right person.
  • If someone is murdered, you and all of your friends are suspects and were seen arguing with the victim just hours before.
  • You never, ever wear the same outfit more than once.
  • No matter how bad the crime is, rest assured you won't do much time for it.
  • Your children are well behaved and remain in the kitchen with the maid eating the never ending freshly baked cookies.
  • You don't watch TV, but when you do its always a major breaking news story involving someone you know.
  • That medical degree only took you 6 months to get.
  • Once a family member leaves town, you never mention their name again; they don't call, visit, and  always have urgent matters that prevents them from attending a funeral.
Can you think of more, please post them in the comments......

Mom's Beware: How safe are your children at home?

When I had my first daughter, I'm sure, like many of you, began taking steps towards childproofing my home. I bought those little kits that lock you cabinets, toilets, door knob covers and table corner bumpers; I thought I had it all figured out. I've learned over time, however, that if a child can't get into one thing they will look for something else; it's only when an accident occurs do we realize how dangerous something in our home really is.

Here is a list of possible dangerous situations, most of them you may already know, but some you may have not thought to safe guard from your child:

1. Furniture Tip-overs
    When my son was 3, I heard a loud crash from his bedroom. I immediatly ran to see what happened and found my son laying underneath his dress that had tipped over on top of him. Fortunatly, he was not seriously injured; however, he could have been one of the 100 children killed each year from furniture tip-overs.
    Look around your home, check your televisions, book stands, heavy chairs, dressers and stand up cabinets. You can place wall mounted straps and/or anti-tip kits on your furniture or T.V's to prevent such accidents. Most can be found in local hardware stores or Amazon for around $4-$12.

2. Recliners
According the ,one item of furniture you might not think about as dangerous is the recliner chair. Yet several children have died or suffered severe brain damage when their heads got caught in the folding mechanism. The CPSC says the typical victim was between 1 and 5 years old and had been left unsupervised. The child climbed onto the leg rest while the chair was in the reclining position, and his weight made the leg rest fold down. The child's head then got caught in the opening between the foot rest and the seat.


I've used mothballs quite frequently when storing our winter and summer clothing; but many unsuspecting children are finding them and and consuming them. Mothballs are full of pesticides that can can cause headaches, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, jaundice and convulsions. Not only dangerous when ingested, but also through contact with skin or inhilation. It is recommended that you use natural moth balls, cedar chips, or lavender soaked cloth instead.

4. Batteries
Improperly disposed of batteries can make for a very dangerous situation. Several batteries banging together or contacting metal can short circuit and ignite;  cell phone or camcorder batteries with exposed terminals, thrown into in the trash, can come in contact with something as simple as aluminum foil and cause a short circuit.
The best thing you can do is put batteries in a Ziploc bag or better yet, tape up the terminals so they can't make contact with anything; alkaline batteries do not pose this same risk, but precautions should still be taken.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Topeka City Council Repeals Domestic Violence Rule

I'm totally shocked, when I first read this I thought it was a joke, but apparently it really happened.
I recieved this message in my inbox from AOLfriends:
On October 11, the Topeka City Council voted 7 to 3 to repeal city laws against domestic violence. Domestic violence needs to be illegal! »
Topeka needs to reinstate these laws, to prove to their citizens that the city does not tolerate domestic violence.
According to the New York Times, "Eighteen people have been arrested on domestic violence charges since September and released without charges because no agency is accepting new cases."
Take action today. Please tell the Topeka City Council to reinstate its law against domestic violence. »

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? If you follow the above link it will take you to a petition that will be sent to the Topeka City Council, I encourage you to sign it and take a stand.

Free Sample of Downey Unstopables Scent Booster

I don't make it a habit of sniffing my children; however, that was until I requested a free sample of Downey's new Unstopables scent booster. I washed a load of my childrens clothes last night before bed, and this morning I went to pull some school clothes from the dryer and fell in love. It has the same scent as regular Downey, but even stronger. Thier clothes smelled so good, very clean and extra soft; I kept telling my kids after getting dressed to smell their shirts, they liked it but being kids and all they didn't really care. I don't know how much this cost, hopefully not too much, but I'm leaving for Wal Mart later and will definately be adding this to my cart.

If you would like to try it, go to Downey's Facebook page and request a free sample for yourself.

edited: okay, I bought Downey Unstopables at my local Walmart, the cost was a bit much at $6.97 for such a small amount. This probably won't be something I buy often, but I do like the scent so I will see how far I can stretch it. However, the sample is free, so atleast thats a great bargain.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Funny Misinterpreted Song Lyrics

We've all done it; singing along to one of our favorite songs, when it happens, you hear your best friend giggling at you. Is she laughing because your singing is horrible? Is there something hanging from your nostrils? WHAT? After informing you the correct lyrics to the song you were singing you begin to go through what could only be compared to the 5 stages of grief.....

1. First, you deny that these new lyrics your friend speaks of is correct
2. You become angry with your friend, you are absolutly positive you are singing the right lyrics and she's being a meany poopoo head.
3.You then bargain with your friend, "Come on girl, I promise to let you borrow my new cashmere sweater if you just agree my lyrics are right"
4.You become depressed, "how can I face the world knowing they have heard me sing the wrong words all this time"
5. accept you made an honest mistake, laugh it off, and realize you hated the song anyway.

Years ago, I stumbled upon a site discussing misinterpreted song lyrics. I laughed so hard I nearly cried while reading some of the most bizarre interpretations to lyric I had ever heard. Some are so far out there I have to wonder about these people; so, I thought it would be cool to share with you some of the funniest misinterpreted lyrics I have come across and hopefully you will laugh as hard as I did.

10. "Praise You" by Fat Boy Slim
       misinterpreted lyrics: "I have to praise you like a shoe"
       real lyrics: "I have to praise you like I should"

 9. "Apologize" by Timbaland
      misinterpreted lyrics: "its too late to call the chives"
                                         "its too late to order fries"
                                         "its too late to form a child"
                                         "its too late to call a tie"
     real lyrics: "its too late to apologize"

8. "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack and later by The Fugees
     misinterpreted lyrics:  "Filling me softly with Islam"
                                         "Killing me softly with Exxon"
                                         "Killing me softly with unisom"
    real lyrics: "Killing me softly with his song"

7. "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins
     misinterpreted lyrics: " Your burning urine in the cole slaw"
     real lyrics:"Your burnin, yearnin for some"

      misinterpreted lyrics "Come off your whole wheat crack"
      real lyrics "C'mon before we crack"

      misinterpreted lyrics: "Jeez, Louise, attorney general Edwin Meese"
      real lyrics: "Jeez Louise pull me up by my knees"

6. "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners
      misinterpreted lyrics "Come on Eileen, Oh I swear we cook beans"
                                        "Oh I swear I'll be mean"
                                        "Oh I smell like your knees"
      real lyrics: "Oh I swear on my knees"

 5."Single Ladies" by Beyonce
      misinterpreted lyrics "All the pringle haters"
                                        "all the single letters"
       real lyrics: "All the single ladies"

4. "American Pie" by Don McLean
     misinterpreted lyrics "drove a machete to the levy"
                                       "drove my chevy, Eugene Levy but the bread wasn't dry"
                                       "drove my sherry to the larry but the larry was dry"
     real lyrics "drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry"

3. "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard
     misinterpreted lyrics: " coz I'm a free roamin perv now, and this perv will watch you change"
     real lyrics "coz I'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change"

2. "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
     misinterpreted lyrics " Mitch Miller, no, he will not let you go"
                                       "Vince Miller, no, we will not let you go"
                                       "Ve vill not" (i.e. a German accent) Ve vill not let you go..."
      real lyrics " Bismillah, oh, we will not let you go "

       misinterpreted lyrics "sparing his life from these pork sausages"
                                         "spare him his life and his lone slice of cheese"
                                          "spare his his life from his mom's recipe"
                                          "sharing his life on his pork sausages"
     real lyrics "spare him his life from this monstrosity"

1. "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple
     misinterpreted lyrics: "Slow walkin Walter, fire engine guy"
                                        "Stoves gettin hotter, fire in the pies"
                                        "small can of water"
                                        "small cousin Walter, is firing this guy"
                                        "smoke makes me hotter, fire makes me die"
                                        "don't touch my daughter, I'll poke you in the eye"
                                        "boat in the water, mast in the sky"

     real lyrics "smoke on the water, fire in the sky"

I hope you enjoyed these, some of them are just really crazy. If you would like to read more, check out The Archive of Funny Misheard Lyrics at

Is Your Child a Loser?

I'm sure the title got your attention, how dare I compare a child to being a loser! Well...hang with me here, there is a reason why I asked that.

I work as a substitute teacher for our local high school; two years ago while subbing for a Spanish class full of freshman and sophomores, a male student I was checking on sitting with a group of his friends, glowingly bragged about not being part of the loser group sitting nearby. The tone of what was a casual conversation changed for me; I asked him why he referred to them that way, in which he replied "Look at them". I looked over this group of "losers" as he said, 3 boys and a girl who were noticeably different in dress and manner than others in the class, however, sitting quietly at their desks that had been  moved together. They weren't bothering anyone, they weren't doing the work assigned to the class, but no one else was either; this group was behaving, talking amongst themselves, generally minding their own business.  I wanted to turn around to this kid who felt he was superior because he played sports and wore the name brand clothes and give him a piece of my mind; how dare he feel the way he feels. I wasn't sure what else to say at that point; I knew kids like him when I was in high school, I guess that's why it bothered me and I really took it to heart. We have all heard news of school shootings and the increase in teen suicides due to being made fun; does this kid realize any of this, his words could have long lasting effects.

I wish I had could have said something to change this kids mind, he judged a group of kids who had done nothing to him but be in the same class; how fair is that? The only "loser"  in that class was clearly this kid, who used his popular social status to embolden his over inflated ego to demean others he felt were inferior.

I believe there is a stereotype to these bullies, and yes, this kid is a bully; the media portrays them as the big kid, dressed in black, with spiked wrist bands, always starting fights, however, being in the public school system I see it differently. Quite often, it is the more popular students, certainly not all of them, who like to make fun of other student's less expensive clothing, looks, or even a quiet demeanor. Don't get me wrong, I've also seen other popular students being the ones to take up for their less popular peers and putting a stop to the bashing. As parents, we are told to look for signs of our child being bullied, but none of us rarely think to look at our own child as the bully. There seems to not be a one size fits all bully; they can come from good and bad homes, rich and poor homes, the high school football star to the local pastors kid. We as parents have to be proactive, let your children know while they are young bullying will never be tolerated and teach them how to understand differences in others. Make sure you always set a good example for your child, watch how you talk about others in front of your children, be a positive role model.

Has your child or someone you know experienced bullying? I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment with your story or experience, it may help someone currently dealing with this.

Wal Mart Bringing Back Layaway for Christmas

Even though I'm not sure why Wal Mart ever decided to get rid of layaway, one of its most popular services, I was delighted when I heard they were bringing it back for the Christmas season. The economy has hit most families hard and many low income families have been left wondering how they can possibly buy gifts for their children this season. 

Layaway will begin at all Wal Mart stores on October 17 and run until December 16. Personally, I'm thrilled they are bringing back layaway; when I first became a mom, Wal Mart layaway was the only way I could have afforded to purchase presents for my daughter; I hope this will help in some way to relieve the burden on parents already cash strapped due to being out of work or underemployed.

Wal Mart will open its layaway services for eligible items including toys, electronics, and jewelry; each item must be at least $15 for a total no less than $50,  there will be a 10% down payment along with a $5 service charge.

Cast Your Vote for the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off Apron

Want to get involved in the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest without even having to turn on the oven?  Cast your vote and help decide which apron will be worn by finalists as they compete for $1 million at the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off in March!
Adding a dash of designer fashion, Pillsbury has asked three former contestants from a top fashion design reality show to compete in a "Runway Challenge" and help design the official apron to be worn by finalists at the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest.  
Althea Harper, Kara Janx and Carol Hannah Whitfield have each designed an apron to potentially be worn by the 100 finalists on the contest floor at the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest finals which take place March 25-27, 2012, in Orlando, FL.
You can visit the Pillsbury Facebook page to vote for your favorite and help decide which design should become the official apron of the 45th Bake-Off Contest.  Hurry and cast your vote before voting closes on Monday, October 17th!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"I'll Never Clean That Up!"

"I'll never clean that up!" , before I was a mom I would watch other moms wipe thier childs booger noses, or another mom wipe the poo off a baby as she changed its diaper; I couldn't imagine how any person could do such a thing without a gas mask and two layers of gloves, it was beyond gross and disgusting and I just knew when I had children they would never be as gross as these kids are. I write this post an hour after my 6 year old daughter projectile vomited all over the floor of my living room. After making sure she was okay, I casually gathered up old towels, floor cleaner and a can of Lysol, just as I had done thousands of times before and cleaned her and the floor up. I didn't think much about it, it was nasty of course, and there were many things I would have rather been doing at that moment, but some how the wretchedness I felt pre-mommyhood was no longer there.

Since becoming a mom 11 years ago I've cleaned my fair share of vomit, poo, pee, boogers, blood, and whatever else a child can produce, its gross every single time, yet, I've always been there to clean it up. I love to hear the comments made by my sister, who has no children, get grossed out when she happens to witness one of my "clean up on aisle 5" moments. I start to get upset with her when shes standing there complaining of a smell or grossness of a situation; but, I soon realize that is exactly where I was years ago. She doesn't understand, YET, but as she prepares to adopt two little girls, she will be in the position we are in and have to clean up those nasty little messes and never think anything of it. Obviously, us moms are programmed for these sort of life moments; its an instinct, you see little Bobby's upchucked breakfast from this morning and you just hold your nose and dive right in for the clean up. Were moms, I don't think we do it because its our job, we do it because we love our kids and well....we don't want them or our homes to smell to high heavens.

Things change when you become a mother, you take on task you never dreamt; however, there are just some things that have to be done and we will be there for every one of them, towel in one hand and Lysol in the other.  Sorry if this grossed anyone out, but I'm sure for most of you, you can relate totally; this is one of the many things that makes us extraordinary. No matter how bad things seem, when it comes to our children, a mother will always be there to "Clean It Up".

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How Much is a Mother Worth

Sometimes I feel that being a mother is the most unappreciated, thankless job a woman could ever have. Not to say motherhood doesn't have its rewards, those big hugs and I love you mommy makes it all worth it; but, it does require long hours, rarely do you get a day off, no sick leave, and it continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I often try to imagine what life was like before I had my children; sure I can remember many things, but most of the memories I cherish the most involve some event revolving around my child.  There are some mothers out there who don't deserve 2 cents for raising their children, most of thier kids raise themselves; but for the vast majority of moms, we work our fingers to the bone to make sure our kids have good food to eat, clean clothes, and a roof over thier heads.
We have so many jobs in our home, cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding, shopping, driving, bathing, healthcare, etc....According to an Associated Press article I found on, stay at home moms are worth nearly $117,000 a year, while working moms worth $68,000. That sounds great doesn't it!

Personally, I feel our worth is more than $117,000 a year; however, I chose to be a mother (well, my last one was a surprise), our worth is valued in how our children turn out. We are rewarded by raising a child who can become of good member of society. We know they won't be perfect, but to just grow up and be a good person. We are paid by our children through their love and affection. Although immensly hard at times, it is the most rewarding job I feel that ever existed, it's worth is priceless.

So, how much do you feel a mother is worth?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hello World

Welcome to my new blog “Extraordinarily Mom”. Why did I choose that name? Well, although I feel I’ve done nothing special in this life that would ever be concidered extraordinary, I feel as a mother of 4, a wife of 13 years, a full time college student, a part time substitute teacher, a child with Autism, a former Army wife and experiences too numerous to count; my life is truly less ordinary.
Do I feel like I’m the only mother who deals with daily frustrations and joys, not at all. That is what this blog is for, to share and collaborate with other mothers; whether you have 1 child or 10, single or married, a stay at home mother or a working professional. I want to share how I cope or the times I totally lost it with problems that I have faced in my life, from PCOS and infertility, miscarriages, a child with special needs, having twins, following my husband across the country for his army career and deployments and so on…. I hope that you will follow me and occasionally get a good laugh or a good cry or just relate in some small way to what I have written.
As mothers we are all in a special club I like to think, an elite club that is hard to understand by men. This is not a man bashing place, men are special and can be wonderful partners and friends as well; but I can not relate to what a father goes through on a day to day basis, so I wouldn’t expect a father to understand completely what us moms go through on a day to day basis as well.
I welcome you to join me and read my posts, comment and share as you like.