Hello World

Welcome to my new blog “Extraordinarily Mom”. Why did I choose that name? Well, although I feel I’ve done nothing special in this life that would ever be concidered extraordinary, I feel as a mother of 4, a wife of 13 years, a full time college student, a part time substitute teacher, a child with Autism, a former Army wife and experiences too numerous to count; my life is truly less ordinary.
Do I feel like I’m the only mother who deals with daily frustrations and joys, not at all. That is what this blog is for, to share and collaborate with other mothers; whether you have 1 child or 10, single or married, a stay at home mother or a working professional. I want to share how I cope or the times I totally lost it with problems that I have faced in my life, from PCOS and infertility, miscarriages, a child with special needs, having twins, following my husband across the country for his army career and deployments and so on…. I hope that you will follow me and occasionally get a good laugh or a good cry or just relate in some small way to what I have written.
As mothers we are all in a special club I like to think, an elite club that is hard to understand by men. This is not a man bashing place, men are special and can be wonderful partners and friends as well; but I can not relate to what a father goes through on a day to day basis, so I wouldn’t expect a father to understand completely what us moms go through on a day to day basis as well.
I welcome you to join me and read my posts, comment and share as you like.



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