"I'll Never Clean That Up!"

"I'll never clean that up!" , before I was a mom I would watch other moms wipe thier childs booger noses, or another mom wipe the poo off a baby as she changed its diaper; I couldn't imagine how any person could do such a thing without a gas mask and two layers of gloves, it was beyond gross and disgusting and I just knew when I had children they would never be as gross as these kids are. I write this post an hour after my 6 year old daughter projectile vomited all over the floor of my living room. After making sure she was okay, I casually gathered up old towels, floor cleaner and a can of Lysol, just as I had done thousands of times before and cleaned her and the floor up. I didn't think much about it, it was nasty of course, and there were many things I would have rather been doing at that moment, but some how the wretchedness I felt pre-mommyhood was no longer there.

Since becoming a mom 11 years ago I've cleaned my fair share of vomit, poo, pee, boogers, blood, and whatever else a child can produce, its gross every single time, yet, I've always been there to clean it up. I love to hear the comments made by my sister, who has no children, get grossed out when she happens to witness one of my "clean up on aisle 5" moments. I start to get upset with her when shes standing there complaining of a smell or grossness of a situation; but, I soon realize that is exactly where I was years ago. She doesn't understand, YET, but as she prepares to adopt two little girls, she will be in the position we are in and have to clean up those nasty little messes and never think anything of it. Obviously, us moms are programmed for these sort of life moments; its an instinct, you see little Bobby's upchucked breakfast from this morning and you just hold your nose and dive right in for the clean up. Were moms, I don't think we do it because its our job, we do it because we love our kids and well....we don't want them or our homes to smell to high heavens.

Things change when you become a mother, you take on task you never dreamt; however, there are just some things that have to be done and we will be there for every one of them, towel in one hand and Lysol in the other.  Sorry if this grossed anyone out, but I'm sure for most of you, you can relate totally; this is one of the many things that makes us extraordinary. No matter how bad things seem, when it comes to our children, a mother will always be there to "Clean It Up".


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