Wal Mart Bringing Back Layaway for Christmas

Even though I'm not sure why Wal Mart ever decided to get rid of layaway, one of its most popular services, I was delighted when I heard they were bringing it back for the Christmas season. The economy has hit most families hard and many low income families have been left wondering how they can possibly buy gifts for their children this season. 

Layaway will begin at all Wal Mart stores on October 17 and run until December 16. Personally, I'm thrilled they are bringing back layaway; when I first became a mom, Wal Mart layaway was the only way I could have afforded to purchase presents for my daughter; I hope this will help in some way to relieve the burden on parents already cash strapped due to being out of work or underemployed.

Wal Mart will open its layaway services for eligible items including toys, electronics, and jewelry; each item must be at least $15 for a total no less than $50,  there will be a 10% down payment along with a $5 service charge.


  1. I'm so happy that they brought layaway back. We are on a very tight budget and it's much easier for us to pay over time rather that trying to save money to do all of the shopping at once.


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