How Much is a Mother Worth

Sometimes I feel that being a mother is the most unappreciated, thankless job a woman could ever have. Not to say motherhood doesn't have its rewards, those big hugs and I love you mommy makes it all worth it; but, it does require long hours, rarely do you get a day off, no sick leave, and it continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I often try to imagine what life was like before I had my children; sure I can remember many things, but most of the memories I cherish the most involve some event revolving around my child.  There are some mothers out there who don't deserve 2 cents for raising their children, most of thier kids raise themselves; but for the vast majority of moms, we work our fingers to the bone to make sure our kids have good food to eat, clean clothes, and a roof over thier heads.
We have so many jobs in our home, cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding, shopping, driving, bathing, healthcare, etc....According to an Associated Press article I found on, stay at home moms are worth nearly $117,000 a year, while working moms worth $68,000. That sounds great doesn't it!

Personally, I feel our worth is more than $117,000 a year; however, I chose to be a mother (well, my last one was a surprise), our worth is valued in how our children turn out. We are rewarded by raising a child who can become of good member of society. We know they won't be perfect, but to just grow up and be a good person. We are paid by our children through their love and affection. Although immensly hard at times, it is the most rewarding job I feel that ever existed, it's worth is priceless.

So, how much do you feel a mother is worth?


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