Funny Misinterpreted Song Lyrics

We've all done it; singing along to one of our favorite songs, when it happens, you hear your best friend giggling at you. Is she laughing because your singing is horrible? Is there something hanging from your nostrils? WHAT? After informing you the correct lyrics to the song you were singing you begin to go through what could only be compared to the 5 stages of grief.....

1. First, you deny that these new lyrics your friend speaks of is correct
2. You become angry with your friend, you are absolutly positive you are singing the right lyrics and she's being a meany poopoo head.
3.You then bargain with your friend, "Come on girl, I promise to let you borrow my new cashmere sweater if you just agree my lyrics are right"
4.You become depressed, "how can I face the world knowing they have heard me sing the wrong words all this time"
5. accept you made an honest mistake, laugh it off, and realize you hated the song anyway.

Years ago, I stumbled upon a site discussing misinterpreted song lyrics. I laughed so hard I nearly cried while reading some of the most bizarre interpretations to lyric I had ever heard. Some are so far out there I have to wonder about these people; so, I thought it would be cool to share with you some of the funniest misinterpreted lyrics I have come across and hopefully you will laugh as hard as I did.

10. "Praise You" by Fat Boy Slim
       misinterpreted lyrics: "I have to praise you like a shoe"
       real lyrics: "I have to praise you like I should"

 9. "Apologize" by Timbaland
      misinterpreted lyrics: "its too late to call the chives"
                                         "its too late to order fries"
                                         "its too late to form a child"
                                         "its too late to call a tie"
     real lyrics: "its too late to apologize"

8. "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack and later by The Fugees
     misinterpreted lyrics:  "Filling me softly with Islam"
                                         "Killing me softly with Exxon"
                                         "Killing me softly with unisom"
    real lyrics: "Killing me softly with his song"

7. "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins
     misinterpreted lyrics: " Your burning urine in the cole slaw"
     real lyrics:"Your burnin, yearnin for some"

      misinterpreted lyrics "Come off your whole wheat crack"
      real lyrics "C'mon before we crack"

      misinterpreted lyrics: "Jeez, Louise, attorney general Edwin Meese"
      real lyrics: "Jeez Louise pull me up by my knees"

6. "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners
      misinterpreted lyrics "Come on Eileen, Oh I swear we cook beans"
                                        "Oh I swear I'll be mean"
                                        "Oh I smell like your knees"
      real lyrics: "Oh I swear on my knees"

 5."Single Ladies" by Beyonce
      misinterpreted lyrics "All the pringle haters"
                                        "all the single letters"
       real lyrics: "All the single ladies"

4. "American Pie" by Don McLean
     misinterpreted lyrics "drove a machete to the levy"
                                       "drove my chevy, Eugene Levy but the bread wasn't dry"
                                       "drove my sherry to the larry but the larry was dry"
     real lyrics "drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry"

3. "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard
     misinterpreted lyrics: " coz I'm a free roamin perv now, and this perv will watch you change"
     real lyrics "coz I'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change"

2. "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
     misinterpreted lyrics " Mitch Miller, no, he will not let you go"
                                       "Vince Miller, no, we will not let you go"
                                       "Ve vill not" (i.e. a German accent) Ve vill not let you go..."
      real lyrics " Bismillah, oh, we will not let you go "

       misinterpreted lyrics "sparing his life from these pork sausages"
                                         "spare him his life and his lone slice of cheese"
                                          "spare his his life from his mom's recipe"
                                          "sharing his life on his pork sausages"
     real lyrics "spare him his life from this monstrosity"

1. "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple
     misinterpreted lyrics: "Slow walkin Walter, fire engine guy"
                                        "Stoves gettin hotter, fire in the pies"
                                        "small can of water"
                                        "small cousin Walter, is firing this guy"
                                        "smoke makes me hotter, fire makes me die"
                                        "don't touch my daughter, I'll poke you in the eye"
                                        "boat in the water, mast in the sky"

     real lyrics "smoke on the water, fire in the sky"

I hope you enjoyed these, some of them are just really crazy. If you would like to read more, check out The Archive of Funny Misheard Lyrics at


  1. love these!! i get songs wrong all the time and these days i make stuff up singing to my kids because i'm too tired to remember.

  2. I have trouble figuring out lyrics, but I actually knew the correct lyrics for some of these examples. :)


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