Free Sample of Downey Unstopables Scent Booster

I don't make it a habit of sniffing my children; however, that was until I requested a free sample of Downey's new Unstopables scent booster. I washed a load of my childrens clothes last night before bed, and this morning I went to pull some school clothes from the dryer and fell in love. It has the same scent as regular Downey, but even stronger. Thier clothes smelled so good, very clean and extra soft; I kept telling my kids after getting dressed to smell their shirts, they liked it but being kids and all they didn't really care. I don't know how much this cost, hopefully not too much, but I'm leaving for Wal Mart later and will definately be adding this to my cart.

If you would like to try it, go to Downey's Facebook page and request a free sample for yourself.

edited: okay, I bought Downey Unstopables at my local Walmart, the cost was a bit much at $6.97 for such a small amount. This probably won't be something I buy often, but I do like the scent so I will see how far I can stretch it. However, the sample is free, so atleast thats a great bargain.


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