Marvel presents a New Generation of SuperHeroes

Hold on to your capes for a breakfast of heroic proportions!

Big G cereals and DC Comics  have combined powers in their dedicated efforts to promote reading among children. They have enlisted the help of the Justice League, from Batman to Wonder Woman to Green Lantern, and they are coming right to your breakfast table! Available now, specially marked Big G cereal boxes feature action packed, collectable Justice League comic books.
Want more action adventure? Each comic contains a link to for continuations of each story, not to mention a cut-out DC Super Hero mask on the back of the box perfect for helping the Justice League fight crime at breakfast time!

This information was provided by DC Comics and General Mills through MyBlogSpark


  1. Awe, these are the times I wish my son were older! He's only two, so I doubt he'd enjoy this sort of thing. But it's awesome for those who are older!

  2. So fun! I'll make sure to look for these boxes :)


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