Topeka City Council Repeals Domestic Violence Rule

I'm totally shocked, when I first read this I thought it was a joke, but apparently it really happened.
I recieved this message in my inbox from AOLfriends:
On October 11, the Topeka City Council voted 7 to 3 to repeal city laws against domestic violence. Domestic violence needs to be illegal! »
Topeka needs to reinstate these laws, to prove to their citizens that the city does not tolerate domestic violence.
According to the New York Times, "Eighteen people have been arrested on domestic violence charges since September and released without charges because no agency is accepting new cases."
Take action today. Please tell the Topeka City Council to reinstate its law against domestic violence. »

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? If you follow the above link it will take you to a petition that will be sent to the Topeka City Council, I encourage you to sign it and take a stand.


  1. This really ticks me off, until it happens to them or someone they know, maybe, and that's a big maybe, will something change. In the last 2 days here in the Mpls - St. Paul area, their have been 2 cases where the cops removed men from someone's home who had a restraining order and later that day they returned and killed the women, both not related, but this can not be taken lightly. Seriously, I'm all for women protecting themselves and carrying a handgun. These men don't play around when they take it this far, they are totally whacked out of their mind or something. Thanks for sharing, people need to read about this.

  2. How sad for those 2 women. I agree, women in these type of situations should be able to carry some sort of weapon to protect them and their children from these type of men. You're right, these guys aren't playing around and no woman should have to live in fear for her life or family's. Hopefully they City of Topeka does the right thing and reinstates this law. Thanks for commenting.


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