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After graduating from high school in 1995 I attended Northern Kentucky University for 2 years. Needless to say, I was not the best student on campus, far from it. At the time, I had no desire to go to college, I rarely attended my classes, and of course, flunked out. I had bigger and better dreams, I wanted to get a job, get married and have kids; I was so sick of school. I recall during this time telling my mother I would get my degree someday when I really wanted; well, someday came and now I'm wishing I had finished what I started before I was married and had children.

Making the decision to go back to school can be tough, there are so many questions and like me, you may have not been in a classroom in many years.  Though, I mistakenly decided against a degree in my younger pre-mom years, I believe its never too late to get your education. I will say, it is tougher being a mom and trying to earn your college degree, but, it is possible. In high school I made horrible grades, I assumed it was because I just was not that bright, however, in the past 4 years of college I've made the dean's list every year; this time I dedicated myself, of course I'm more mature, but my grades are better due to actually doing my work through reading and studying. Don't allow your fears of failure or extra work deny you of an education.

I will share with you the school I have been attending for 2 years that was built just for moms and those in the workforce; it is called Western Governors University and it has given me the opportunity to get a fully accredited degree online at my own pace. I know what you are thinking, and you may be a little skeptical like I was at first, however, WGU is fully accredited-regionally, nationally and online; ladies that means it is the real deal, not a diploma mill school. Its not only has the first accredited Teachers College, which is NCATE accredited(the best), but also nursing, business, and computer information technology. Unlike other online only schools, this college is actually affordable at $2600 per term, this includes books and library fees; how awesome is that, you don't have to search for books or pay those exorbitant prices most bookstores charge.I have checked with the licensing office in the state of Kentucky and I will be able to sit for my teachers licensing exam and will be able to teach in the state of Kentucky.  This is the real deal, there are no gimmicks; I can honestly say so far I have been given a very thorough education, I really have worked my butt off so far. It is set up differently than most colleges, you work at your own pace, you have 6 months to finish your 12 credit units per term and if you feel comfortable adding 1 or even 5+ classes extra you can, and the kicker is you don't pay any extra for those classes.
If I didn't feel this was a good school I wouldn't waste my time sharing it with you, but I do feel this is a great school, at least for me.
Just so you know, I am not being paid or asked to write this by the school or any one else, it is my honest assessment and a desire to help other moms looking into going back to school.
If you would like more information click on this link http://www.wgu.edu/ and look around the website and check out the various degree programs. If you do decide to attend, there will be a $65 application fee, however, you can have that waived by sending me an email telling me you are interested. Current WGU students can fill out a form online letting the school know you are interested; I will still NOT receive any payment for recommending you, I do think I get a WGU mug or pen or something and you will not have to pay the $65. If you have any questions about going back to school as a mother, or would like more info about WGU please feel free to contact me by email at bbrandy2002@gmail.com
Again, you don't have to put your dreams on hold because you have children; I have 4 kids and one of which has special needs, if I can do it I know you can.

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